Back to School Family Dentistry with the Olathe Dental Care Center

A family dentistry visit is important every 6 months, and with school starting appointments fill up fast. Make sure you call and get your child scheduled for a family dentistry visit now, that way they are on the books for the school year. Olathe Dental Care Center in Olathe, KS treats kids and adults of all ages, and we offer a variety of services to make sure your children’s teeth are healthy and happy!

As you get ready to send your child back to school, don’t forget to schedule a pediatric dental care visit with your family dentistry. Scheduling ahead of the school year ensures you won’t forget with all the craziness that happens during the school year. Its important to make sure your child’s teeth are healthy so they don’t miss school due to tooth pain or infection, and for the health of their body as well! Happy teeth, means a happy healthy body. Your family dentistry will take x-rays, clean the child’s teeth, and check for any cavities or decay. These visits should happen every 6 months but getting in at least once a year is essential!

While seeing a family dentistry often is important, it’s also important to help develop healthy habits at home too. One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay in children is to get them started early with daily tooth brushing. Staying on top of your family dentistry care with consistent oral hygiene is the best way to prevent future problems. Some tips to keep your kids on top of their preventative care include:

  • Brush before breakfast – no sense in fighting the clock, or the kids, in the mornings trying to get teeth brushed before heading out the door. Just have them brush as soon as they wake up that way no one forgets!
  • Make it fun – brushing and flossing is probably not one of your child’s favorite things to do, you can make it fun by choosing a kid-themed toothpaste and toothbrush that your child will like and want to use.
  • Avoid lots of sugar and starch – sugary beverages like soda and juice drink, and lots of starch (like potatoes) produce acid-eroding plaque that can build up in the mouth and damage teeth.
  • Minimize the Lunch Bag – Most kids are perfectly happy with three or four different lunch choices, just be sure to keep those choices healthy. Things like cut fruits and vegetables, hummus and pita, hardboiled eggs, and pasta salad are all great options.
  • Explain the importance – establish a good routine with your kiddos and explain why brushing and flossing is so important and what happens if they don’t visit the family dentistry regularly. Make sure you brush twice a day at the same time, so they are familiar with the routines.

Getting your whole family involved in a predictable oral health care routine can benefit everyone by keeping their teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Making sure to keep appointments scheduled ahead of time, as well as preventative care in between will keep that smile shining. For more information about our family dentistry, call the Olathe Dental Care Center at (913) 782-1420. You can also request an appointment online!