Our mission is simple: care for your teeth in an environment that is relaxed and makes you actually want to smile! 

General Dentistry

Routine Cleanings-
for mouths of all ages

Composite & Amalgam Fillings-
tooth colored or silver for your viewing pleasure

Relaxed atmosphere-
because going to the dentist can be a little unnerving

Dental Exams-
prove to the doctor you really did floss

because it really is what's inside that counts

covering the nooks and crannies

General dentistry. Image of dentist working on a patient.
Restorative Dentistry One Day Crown Bridge

One Day Crown & Bridge

Ceramic Crowns-
milled right in our office while you wait, no more temporaries or taking off 2 afternoons of work!

Gold Crowns-
lab created, these take about 2 weeks to come in, but boy are they shiny!

Ceramic Bridges-
depending on the number of teeth replaced by the bridge, we can do same day bridge creation and insertion.

Inlay / Onlay-
ceramic fillings instead of composite, just as reliable as regular fillings with increased strength and aesthetic quality

Cosmetic Veneers-
with our Cerec system, we offer same day cosmetic veneers, one afternoon and your smile takes on a whole new look

Traditional Ceramic Bonded to Metal Crowns & Bridge-
for lovers of tradition, we still offer lab created porcelain crown and bridge fused to high noble metal


Root Canals-
Anterior and Posterior root canals are done in house with the latest technology available.

Sometimes root canals have hidden canals, and if they do we will find them!

Operating Microscopes-
Enhancing the eyes of our doctors, microscopes enable them to see deep into the tooth with fiber optic illumination.


Oral Surgery

You will often hear patients say "That's it !?!" when they are over. Our doctors get unsavable teeth out without decimating the tissue and bone around them.

Wisdom Teeth-
With or without sedation, our team will get your wisdom teeth out in the comfort of our state of the art surgical suite (1 of 3 in all of KC!) and our gentle extraction approach minimizes your recovery time.

Whether you need a tooth replaced, or implants to hold in your dentures for a stronger fit, our doctors place implants with custom guides made just for your mouth, ensuring perfect placement every time.


Clear Correct Invisible Braces-
Invisible aligners that move teeth without the hardware of traditional silver or tooth colored braces and wires.

Traditional Braces-
From start to finish, we will get your teeth aligned and closing properly for a perfectly straight smile!

Retainers & Nightguards-
Keep your smile straight or keep your teeth from grinding at night, we can make them in house or have them lab created according to your budget and needs.

Cephalometric X-Rays-
These enable the doctors to capture a complete radiographic image of the side of your face, show malocclusions (bad bites), sinus, and soft tissue for orthodontic planning.

Sports Mouthguards-
Although you can certainly get one over the counter, custom mouth trays are the best defense for protecting your teeth when you are engaged in sports!

Ortho for Kids & Adults-
No matter your age, we can handle your orthodontic needs. Kids should be checked for ortho needs starting at age 7

Invisible Braces image


Periodontal Cleanings-
For patients with periodontal disease or deep pockets in the gums surrounding certain teeth, our hygienists are pros at getting those places clean and back on the road to recovery with proper home care

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing-
Teeth scaling and root planing help to treat chronic periodontal disease (otherwise known as gum disease). They are more in-depth than a typical teeth cleaning. This procedure often takes more than one dental visit and could require a local anesthetic based on the severity of your chronic periodontal disease.

Bone Grafting-
Sometimes patients lose bone and need some extra help in building a place for implants to adhere to, we have a variety of bone grafting materials for all kinds of patient needs.

Laser Contouring-
We use lasers for surgical and dental procedures, the laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue that it comes in contact with.


Immediate & Complete Dentures-
From impression to delivery, our doctors expertly fit your dentures, and refit them as the bone heals, ensuring proper placement and comfort for you

If some teeth are removed, but not all, and you need a removable appliance, we can create a custom partial for you replacing those missing teeth, restoring your smile

Implant Retained Dentures-
When you really want dentures to stay in place, the best option is implants, designed to fit to your dentures and secure them right where they belong, without the slippage of traditional pastes and gels


We are here to answer all your dental questions whether or not they pertain to general dentistry, oral surgery, periodontics, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, emergency dental care, dental insurance, payment plans, scheduling or any other subject. Please contact us today at 913-782-1420.