Cosmetic Dentistry Brings Out the Best in Your Smile!

Cosmetic dentistry may be something you have never considered for yourself. You may even think it’s something that only rich people can afford, but nothing could be further from the truth.  A cosmetic dentist can provide a variety of services to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Some examples include: 
  • Tooth whitening
  • Stain removal
  • Covering defects
  • Repairing tooth damage 
The team at Olathe Dental Care Center includes cosmetic dentistry experts who can help you achieve the appearance you desire. 
If you hide your smile with your hand or refuse to smile with your teeth showing in pictures because you don’t like how they look, cosmetic dentistry may be the solution. Your smile plays a big part in how others see you, and having a more attractive smile can boost your confidence and make you feel great! From color correction to replacing missing teeth and everything in between, the dentists at Olathe Dental Care Center have the skills to give you a movie-star smile. 
Teeth bleaching is a popular option for those seeking cosmetic dentistry services. There are many products that can brighten your smile, but only your dentist knows which ones are safe and effective for your situation. 
For patients who have chipped or deeply stained teeth, enamel bonding is an option to consider. Although it doesn’t last as long as veneers, it is still a great choice to repair or beautify your teeth. It is also less expensive. 

Dental veneers are the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry, and are great for deeply stained teeth which cannot be whitened by bleaching. They are custom made porcelain shells which provide an even, white, beautiful effect, and are made based on impressions taken by your dentist. You will wear temporary veneers while waiting for your custom veneers to be completed.

Enamel abrasion is also used to remove discoloration caused by tobacco use, wine, soda and coffee. However, It doesn’t work for stains inside the tooth. A cosmetic dentist will know which stain removal procedure will work best for you.

At Olathe Dental Care Center we offer a variety of payment options to help you achieve the smile you want. Our caring staff will work with you to find a plan that fits your budget. Contact us at 913-782-1420 to discuss your options, or request an appointment online.
Cosmetic dentistry services from the Olathe Dental Care Center can help you get the bright and beautiful smile of your dreams!