Family Dental Care At The Olathe Dental Care Center Is Provided By A Caring Dentist And Staff

Family dental care at the Olathe Dental Care Center is provided by Dr. Jeffery A. Higgins and his team, which includes a business administrator, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and office manager. The team at Olathe Dental Care Center has state of the art technology married with a caring, gentle staff in a calming environment designed to make your dental experience as painless and worry free as possible!
Dr. Higgins transplanted from Duluth, Minnesota to Springfield, Missouri when he was 12 years old. After graduating from high school, he went on to receive his Associates Degree of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology. Jeff spent his late teens and early twenties working in the Information Technology field for several companies in the Springfield area, creating and maintaining networks for dental labs and offices, law firms, manufacturers and other corporations to support himself during college. In 2004, Jeff graduated with his undergraduate degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and began dental school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
Dr. Higgins was the president of his dental class all four years of his doctoral studies. After completing his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in 2008, he bought a dental practice from a doctor in Lathrop, Missouri and began practicing family dentistry in the rural community. Although Jeff loved the country and appreciated spending time with his patients there, he decided that he wanted to be a bit further south, and when the opportunity to buy the Olathe Dental Care Center from Dr. Leins came up, he jumped at it. Joining the family dentistry practice in October of 2011, Dr. Higgins counts himself very fortunate to work with his phenomenal staff and patients!
Family dental care at the Olathe Dental Care Center is provided by Dr. Higgins and his caring staff.
Family dental care at the Olathe Dental Care Center includes the staff who supports Dr. Higgins and patients. Kristi Myers, RDH, is the Center’s business administrator. She has worked at the Olathe Dental Care Center office for seven years. As a dental hygienist, hygiene coordinator, and business administrator, she is highly motivated. Vila Sanoubane, RDH, has been at the Olathe Dental Care Center for 14 years. She was born in Laos and immigrated to Canada in 1980, moving to the United States in 1987. Vila graduated from UMKC with a bachelors’ degree in Dental Hygiene. 
Terri Franklin is a dental assistant. She hails from Kansas City. She has worked at the Olathe Dental Care Center for more than 10 years. Sue Anderson, RDH, is a family dental care dental hygienist. She joined the ODCC team in 2018. She’s lived and worked in the Kansas City metro area since graduating from Wichita State in 1980 with a bachelors’ degree in dental hygiene. 
Receptionist Cassie Root has been at the Olathe Dental Care Center for a year. She’s worked in the family dental care field for five years. Diane Ellsworth, office manager, has worked at ODCC for 42 years! She says she works with the best doctors and co-workers in the family dentistry business.
From the best oral health and hygiene education, to impeccable treatments, you’ll know that you and your family are in safe hands when you book an appointment with the team at the Olathe Dental Care Center. For information about family dental care at the Olathe Dental Care Center, call (913) 782-1420. To request an appointment, click here.