Family Dentist: 9 Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush

Finding a family dentist may seem like a challenge when you need someone who can take care of people of all ages. Whether it’s your baby with his first tooth or your mom, who needs dentures. Everyone in your family wants a dentist they can feel comfortable with, and whom they can trust. At Olathe Dental Care Center, we pride ourselves on our caring, professional team. Our group of family dentists and hygienists provide the best in professional dental care, while the friendly staff in our office helps with appointments, insurance, and billing inquiries. 
Because they know how important good oral hygiene is for health, parents often ask their family dentist “How can I get my kids to brush their teeth?” Here are 9 ways to help you get your little ones to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
  1. Start early. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should begin brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they erupt. If they are used to it, they are less likely to fuss about it.
  2. Make it part of your daily routine. Kids like predictability. If they know that brushing their teeth happens at the same time every day, like after breakfast and before bed, they will come to expect it.
  3. Make it fun! Tooth brushing should last for about two minutes, which can seem like a very long time. You can pass the time by finding a song to play or sing it while they are brushing. 
  4. Let them see other kids brushing, such as older siblings or friends. There are a number of tooth brushing songs/videos on the internet that will show your kids how to brush as well.
  5. Model good dental hygiene yourself. Like so many other things in life, your kids learn about oral hygiene by watching what you do. If your children see you brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly, they will understand that it is an important part of caring for their own health.
  6. Find a toothpaste that they like. There are a lot of fun flavors and colors to choose from. Just make sure you’re using fluoride toothpaste, since fluoride is proven to prevent tooth decay. If you have a child who doesn’t like strong flavors, unflavored toothpaste is also available.
  7. Let them choose their own toothbrush. When he can have his favorite superhero or she can have her favorite cartoon character, they will enjoy brushing so much more!
  8. Offer a reward for doing a good job. Put a sticker on the calendar for each day they remember to brush and floss, and offer a prize for consistency. Kids love the feeling of accomplishment this gives.
  9. Ask your family dentist or hygienist to talk to your child about how important it is to brush and floss daily. Hearing your words reinforced by another adult they trust can make a huge difference.
If you are concerned about your child’s teeth or have any other questions, call Olathe Dental Care Center at 913-782-1420. You can learn more about our dentists and our practice here. You can make an appointment with a family dentist for your annual checkup, schedule a cleaning, or get answers to your insurance and billing questions. Celebrating 60 years of taking care of family smiles in Olathe, we look forward to being your family dentist!