Family Dentist in Olathe, KS is Committed to Servicing YOU!

If you need a great family dentist that works for you, just give Olathe Dental Care Center a call! A family dentist is a perfect option for people who want to have their family’s dental care needs taken care of in one place. A family dentist specializes in treating patients at all ages and stages of life, from babies up to elders. Our caring team of professional dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists are ready to provide the dental care your family needs.

There’s so much that goes into maintaining good oral health, finding the right family dentist to meet your family’s needs is important. Some things to consider when looking for the perfect fit for your needs are:

  • The dentist’s and staff’s education: This is super important. Dentists are required to have accreditation from a dental school after taking and passing both practical and written exams. They must also obtain continuing education credits after graduation to stay current on technology and procedures.
  • Insurance and other types of payment: First make sure the family dentist you are looking at is in network for your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, ask the provider what kind of payment plans they may offer or a cheaper rate for paying out of pocket. Olathe Dental Care Center offers a variety of payment plans to work with your needs!
  • Types of services offered: You want to make sure the family dentist you choose is going to be able to treat your whole family – that means all ages, infancy up to elderly. Find out if they offer braces, fillings, cleanings, and other types of routine services. Olathe Dental Care Center proudly offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and even emergency dental services!

If your whole family feels welcomed and safe in the office, visits will be less stressful for everyone. Our staff is committed to making you as comfortable as possible through the entire process, as well as helping you stay educated along the way. Being able to schedule appointments together and have all your dental records in one place saves time and inconvenience is another huge advantage of a family dentist, and children can continue seeing the dentist they know and trust rather than finding a new dentist when they reach adulthood.

At Olathe Dental Care Center, we treat all our patients like they are part of our family. We want you to feel comfortable and have a positive experience with the culture of our office, and we are committed to serving you! If you think a family dentist is the right choice for you, call Olathe Dental Care Center at (913) 782-1420 to schedule your appointment today or request an appointment online! Celebrating over 60 years of smiles in Olathe, we look forward to seeing you soon!