Family Dentist One-Day Crown and Bridge Services in Olathe, Kansas

Family dentist office Olathe Dental Care Center offers one-day dental crowns and bridge services at our office in Olathe, KS. Having a crown made and fitted on the same day – usually in less than two hours – wears just as well and lasts as long as those made over a two to three-week period. One-day crowns and bridges are possible due to improved digital technologies available to the family dentist. Importantly, not only are they as durable as regular fabricated crowns, but they usually cost the same. Further, we also offer same-day bridge creation and insertion.

Dental crowns are often recommended by your family dentist to protect a tooth that is cracked or weakened by decay, or to restore a tooth that has been worn down. Dental crowns can also be implemented to support a tooth with a large dental filling, where a significant portion of the tooth enamel has been removed, to hold a dental bridge or cover an implant. In most cases, a dental crown made of ceramic material will suffice, however, for someone who clenches or grinds their teeth, a stronger crown made from a gold alloy may be a better choice.

ODCC before and after crown and bridges family dentistA dental crown is designed to cover the visible portion of the tooth and restore its size, shape, and strength, while also enhancing the look of teeth that are discolored or misshapen. Technology-aided design and manufacturing enable the family dentist at ODCC to create a three-dimensional image of the patient’s affected tooth and surrounding teeth. The CEREC system software further provides design options for providing the best look and fit for a dental crown. After the digital impression, the tooth will be prepared for the crown which is then sent to a milling machine that creates the dental crown from ceramic materials.


The family dentist is able to match the dental crown’s color to the patient’s natural teeth as closely as possible. The crown is then affixed to the teeth with dental cement, and the dentist gives the final finishing for a perfect smile!

At ODCC, we provide dental crowns and bridgework in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Our staff is committed to ensuring you have the best experience possible for all of your dental needs. We work with all the major insurance carriers, and a lot of the smaller ones, as well. We will help you file your claims, and help you navigate your options. If you are uninsured, our family dentist office offers a discount plan to make your dental care affordable and consistent.

ODCC also accepts CareCredit, which gives you the option of making payments over a longer period of time, most with 0% interest financing. This financing was designed specifically for medical and dental offices that can be applied for right in our office, and credit decisions are usually immediate.


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