Family Dentistry Emergency Dental Care For People Of All Ages

Family dentistry at Olathe Dental Care Center in Olathe, Kansas, specializes in providing quality dental services to people of all ages. Consistent dental care significantly impacts your entire family’s oral health. Whether it’s kids that are just beginning to learn about proper dental care or senior adults who need to replace missing teeth, family dentistry has the knowledge and experience to provide care for the entire family – including routine cleanings, fillings, bridges, dentures and more. Importantly, while our primary focus is on the prevention and treatment of most common dental problems, we also take care of dental emergencies.

children's emergency dental careWhile dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, requiring prompt attention from a family dentistry professional. At ODCC, Dr. Higgins and his family dentistry staff understand that you cannot always plan when you will need our care.

If you experience a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. We’re available any day, any time to take care of dental emergencies of all kinds, including accidents, dental injuries, and tooth damage. We will do everything we can to make sure you’re treated as soon as possible. Many types of dental emergencies that we see at ODCC include:

  • Abcess
  • Broken, chipped or cracked tooth
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Loose or knocked-out tooth
  • Lost filling or crown
  • Soft tissue damage (tongue, cheeks, lips, and gums)

toothache dental emergencyIf you suffer from one of the above or another type of dental emergency, please contact our family dentistry office. Our team is concerned about your oral health and will also be able to provide you with instructions on how to take care of your tooth until you are able to come to our office.

If you have experienced trauma to the head or neck, we recommend that you visit the emergency room or your general physician first, even if your tooth is also damaged.

When you seek our family dentistry services, you will receive competent, caring dental care in a relaxed environment from a team of professionals who are dedicated to your comfort and well-being. Give us a call when you have a dental emergency! We’re available 24-hours a day!

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