Family Dentistry Helps Manage Adult Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety as an adult is a real struggle, but our family dentistry group can help you manage it so it’s easier the next time you have to get an exam. Between 9 and 20% of Americans have a fear of going to the dentist, it’s not just you! This fear and anxiety can lead to people not getting to the dentist when they should and not getting the proper care for their teeth.

It’s important to determine if you only have dental anxiety or if it’s something worse such as dental phobia. Some signs of dental phobia might include things such as trouble sleeping before an appointment, nervousness that gets worse in the waiting area, crying or feeling ill at the thought of going to the dentist, or just not going until there is extreme pain. Thankfully there are ways to manage both dental anxiety and dental phobia! Our family dentistry team can help give you ways to manage all these things!

First let’s investigate what causes this dental anxiety in adults. There are several reasons, and some include:

  • Fear of pain. This usually stems from a dental experience in early childhood that was less than pleasant. This could also stem from other peoples “horror stories” and exaggerations. Thanks to advancements in medicine most dental procedures are completely pain free or less painful.
  • Fear of side effects. Some fear the numbness, the possible dizziness or even the possible chance of fainting. This is very unlikely, however.
  • Fear of being out of control, or the loss of personal space. When you can’t see what is being done but you’re awake the whole time it can make you feel out of control, and most don’t like this feeling. Others may fear they have bad breath or be self-conscious of their teeth.
  • Fear of injections, or the fear that the injection won’t work. Some people are horrified of needles, especially in the mouth.

The most important thing to remember when battling these anxieties is to discuss with your family dentistry professionals exactly what you’re feeling. They will be able to better help you manage these fears once they know exactly what you’re feeling. Your family dentistry should work with you and actively take you seriously if they don’t; find a new dentist. Come up with a signal or word that you and your dentist acknowledge as a sign to stop what they are doing, that way everyone stays comfortable and safe.

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