Family Dentistry: The Olathe Dental Care Center is Always Accepting New Patients

Our family dentistry in Olathe, KS is always accepting new patients! If you’re looking for a family dentistry that provides you affordable and exceptional service, look no further than Olathe Dental Care Center. We provide care for patients of all ages – from babies with their first tooth to elders who might need dentures. There’s so much that goes into maintaining good oral health, that finding the right family dentistry to meet your family’s needs is essential.

If you are on the hunt for a new family dentistry, there are some things to look for. One of them being that the same dentist can take care of your dental health from infancy into adulthood. First in your search, look at the basics. Things such as location, office hours, and whether the practice you are considering is in-network for your dental insurance. If you don’t have insurance, ask what the payment plans are. Our family dentistry accepts most insurance plans, but we also can work with you on payment plans if needed! Once you have found a candidate, it’s time for the meet and greet! Make an appointment for a consultation so you can see the office, meet the staff, and ask any questions you may have regarding the services they offer or billing questions.

Continuous care throughout life is another benefit of choosing a family dentistry. Care needs differ from babies into adulthood, so you want a family dentistry that is going to be able to treat your whole family’s needs. A great dentist has the expertise to treat patients of all ages and stages of life. Plus, using the same provider throughout life means that all your dental records are in one place. No need to go searching through piles of paperwork or having records transferred from one place to another; and your provider has your entire health history. As kids transition into adulthood, they will still be able to see the dentist they know and trust even after they have moved out on their own. This is super helpful to most kids! Not to mention, having the whole family at one family dentistry makes scheduling a breeze!

At Olathe Dental Care Center, we are dedicated to delivering the best family dentistry in Olathe, KS for your entire family. We are accepting new patients now! You can make appointments for a consultation or your annual checkup, schedule a cleaning, or get answers to your insurance and billing questions. Call us today ay (913) 782-1420 or contact us online via our website! We will be happy to answer your questions about any aspect of our family dentistry services.