Restorative Dentistry Services Offered at Family Dentist

Olathe Dental Care Center’s family dentist offers restorative dentistry services in Olathe, KS and the Johnson County area. Restorative dentistry includes diagnosis, management, and treatment of oral health diseases. When you have issues with your teeth – from trouble chewing or an embarrassment of your smile, our family dentist and restorative dentistry services ensure that you have the smile you want!

Some of the restorative services offered by our family dentist are:

  • One Day Crown and Bridge:
    • Ceramic Crowns – milled in office while you wait, and no more temporaries are needed!
    • Gold Crowns – lab created these take roughly 2 weeks to complete
    • Ceramic Bridges – depending on the teeth needing replaced a same day creation and insertion can be arranged
    • Inlay/Onlay – ceramic fillings vs. composite; just as reliable with increased strength and aesthetic quality
    • Cosmetic Veneers – using out Cerec system, allows us to offer same day veneers; a whole new smile in one afternoon!
    • Traditional Ceramic Bonded to Metal Crowns & Bridge – for traditional people, we offer lab created porcelain crown and bridge fused to high noble metal
  • Endontics:
    • Root Canals – using the latest technology available anterior and posterior root canals are done in office
    • Retreatments – sometimes there are hidden canals within a root canal, but we find them!
    • Operating Microscopes – these allow our family dentist to see deep within the tooth using fiber optic illumination
  • Prosthodontics:
    • Immediate & Complete Dentures – our family dentist expertly fits your dentures from impression to delivery and continues to refit as your bones heal to ensure proper placement and ultimate comfort for you
    • Partials – we can create a removable appliance if you only have a few teeth removed, restoring your full smile!
    • Implant Retained Dentures – to ensure no movement with dentures the best option is implants, designed to fit and secure your dentures where they belong without using pastes or gels.

Our family dentist at Olathe Dental Care Center takes your smile seriously! We want to make it aesthetically pleasing and also healthy! Having a team with some of the brightest minds in dentistry to date, and with extensive experience and years of training we want to not just meet- but exceed your standard of expectation. Call us today at (913) 782-1420 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online! Let us get you the smile you always wanted!