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Family Dentist Answers Wisdom Teeth Questions

July 21, 2022

A family dentist can answer all your questions when it comes to removing wisdom teeth and everything that comes with it. Wisdom teeth are thought…

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Family Dentistry: Why Dental Cleanings Are Essential

July 7, 2022

Call your family dentistry team and schedule your next cleaning today, it’s important to the health of your teeth, but your overall health as well!…

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Olathe Dental Care Center family dentistry in Olathe

Family Dentistry in Olathe Provides Preventive Dental Care For All Ages

January 7, 2021

Family dentistry in Olathe provides oral health care for people of all ages, at every stage of life. Like general dentists, family dentists receive extensive…

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Family dentist at the Olathe Dental Care Center provides services for all ages.

Family Dentist in Olathe, Kansas Offers Many Services For All Ages

March 5, 2020

Family dentist Dr. Jeffery A. Higgins, DDS, of the Olathe Dental Care Center in Olathe, Kansas, offers many types of services for all ages. Our…

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