Cosmetic Dentistry: Safe & Effective Tooth Bleaching


Modern cosmetic dentistry can give almost anyone in Olathe KS a better smile by removing tooth discolorations and staining through the process of tooth bleaching. Over the past 20 years, both dentist-supervised and over-the-counter tooth whitening products have made it possible to get beautiful, white teeth without restorative intervention. When used appropriately, tooth bleaching is…

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Invisible Braces Offer Advantages Over Traditional Metal or Ceramic Braces

Olathe Dental Care Center invisible braces SureSmile clear aligners blog

Invisible braces offer several advantages over traditional metal or ceramic braces. They’re more comfortable, easier to handle, and they look better! Orthodontists use braces as a way to straighten misaligned teeth or improve an overbite. Before invisible braces were developed, metal braces were the most frequent choice for correcting these types of dental problems. While…

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