Family Dentistry in Olathe KS: Should I Spit-out Toothpaste?

Family Dentistry Should I Spit or Rinse Olathe Dental Care Center blog

Family dentistry office Olathe Dental Care Center wants to make sure our patients know and understand the best practices for good oral health. That includes debunking any myths and providing accurate answers to their questions. We want to share with you a revelation cast down from the Oral Health Foundation – ”spit, don’t rinse.” This may come as a…

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Family Dentist Offers Advice for Improving Dental Health

Olathe Dental Care Center Family Dentist Tips for Improving Dental Health blog

Family dentist Jeffrey Higgins at Olathe Dental Care Center encourages developing good oral hygiene habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy and bright. While you should see your family dentist every six months for a check-up and hygienic cleaning, your at-home practices are the real mainstay of improving your dental health. How well you care…

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